New Roof = Peace of Mind!

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It’s no secret.

This has been quite a year for bad weather! The combination of high winds and pounding rains can create quite the headache for the homeowner with an old, leaky roof. Wind damage and water damage, both internal and external, can lead to costly repairs and even the loss of valued personal affects, not to mention valuable time and energy you will have to use up in dealing with such a crisis.

Perhaps you are just such a homeowner. If you are, why delay any longer? There is no better time than now to get a new roof for your home, and thanks to great financing available through Greensky, you can do so without breaking the bank or emptying your pocket book up front.

Here’s how it works. Say for example you need a new roof, and you get an estimate 10996164_1000101676684160_7525146753786902203_nfor replacement that costs $15,000. Through Greensky financing, we can get you into a plan that provides a reduced fixed 9.99% APR with a payment term of 96 months. That equals out to be a low monthly payment of just $235.50, which allows you to get that new roof you’ve been needing and/or wanting while allowing you to space your payments out over a more convenient amount of time, rather than shelling out that $15,000 all at once. And, there are no penalties for early payoff, so you can take as little or as much time as you need.

So the question is, what are you waiting for? Whether you want a popular Atlas shingle roof system with their industry leading warranty, a metal or a rubber roof system, MOV Contracting has you covered. Go ahead and pick up the phone and call, or send us a message through our web site, and we’ll be more than happy to schedule you for a free estimate. Don’t put off getting that peace of mind you deserve to have.


A combo shingle/metal roof option we installed for a customer.
A combo shingle/metal roof option we installed for a customer.

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